November Blog Tour- Day 4 Featuring Handmade by Lara Liz

Hi Everyone! I’m Lara and I blog over at Handmade by Lara Liz. When Tammy and Nicole reached out about the blog tour I was so excited! First of all, it’s with some of my favorite sewists and since Tammy opened this summer I have been loving all her beautiful fabrics so it was a match made in heaven!

Handmade by Lara Liz 1.jpg

This fall I am focusing on fall basics – I can never have too many sweaters, tees, and tops to go around so I decided to sew up a few fall basics for the blog tour. I started by picking some beautiful fabrics from the shop – 1 yard of the bamboo jersey in white and 2 yards of this super cozy cloud knit in blush. I decided to sew up a classic tee and a pullover sweater to add to my handmade wardrobe.

Handmade by Lara Liz 2.jpg
Handmade by Lara Liz 3.jpg

I used 1 yard of the bamboo jersey to sew up the Love Notions Classic Tee. I don’t know why I waited so long to sew this pattern up – it’s the perfect combination of flowy but fitted and a win win all around for me. I was a bit short on yardage – I really needed about a yard and a half so I cut one of the sleeves off grain. It still turned out okay, but I’ll make sure to grab more yardage in the future! I sewed up a size medium so it was flowy!

I’ve made a few pieces from the bamboo jersey – it’s so hard buying jersey online but this one’s a real keeper.  This bamboo rayon jersey is medium-ish weight, 250 gsm 95% Rayon from Bamboo and 5% Spandex. It is full bodied without being stiff and perfectly drapey. I’ve made the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch from it as well. Both are great pattern choices for this fabric.

Handmade by Lara Liz 4.jpg
Handmade by Lara Liz 5.jpg

When deciding what sweater to make I had a hard time choosing – cardigan, pullover, so many choices! The day I was deciding I got an email from the DIBY Club about a new pattern – the Adrianne Open Side Slouchy Sweater. The pictures on the cover looked so cozy and a perfect match for the cloud knit. The instructions included were so thorough – it included all sorts of options for adjustments and different views. The bands were a little confusing, but fortunately a video was included. I don’t know why I tried to handle the bands without the video – once I turned the video on it was a breeze!

Handmade by Lara Liz 6.jpg

I love knit projects because they’re usually a few hours long and can be done on the serger. I used the serger exclusively for the Adrianne sweater minus a few top stitching pieces and exclusively for the Classic Tee. I also used my coverstitch machine to do the hems on the Classic Tee which is one of my favorite sewing tools in my sewing room. I have the B42 from Bernette which is super easy to use and really affordable.

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Thanks for reading about my outfit for the blog tour! I’d love for you to follow along on my journey to build my handmade wardrobe at my blog, Handmade by Lara Liz, or on Instagram!

Tammy Lee