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A Little Story About Burnt Sienna Pants

 Once upon a time in the far off land of Bahrain (it’s a tiny island next to Saudi Arabia), I bought my husband a pair of Levis. They were the most beautiful warm, burnt sienna brown I had ever seen. I actually never knew I needed a pair of pants that color until that moment. I wasn’t sewing my own pants at that point in time and so I just pined after them.

Fast forward 2.5 years. I now sew ALL my own clothes and don’t even bat an eye at making pants! With that in mind I went on a mission to find the same burnt sienna brown, non-stretch twill to make a pair of Persphone pants. I searched HIGH and LOW. Anytime I saw someone post a photo wearing that color brown I’d ask where they bought it, if it was non-stretch, if it were thick enough for pants, etc. I even had Rae WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ME, searching all of the sites looking for it!

Well, one day Tammy and I were talking about fabric. She mentioned she was ordering some twill and I asked if it happened to be burnt sienna? And she showed me a little thumbnail asking if this were the color I was looking for? Well what would you know???? IT WAS!!!!!!! I squealed audibly.  Tammy was about to make all my burnt sienna pant dreams come true! And to think I’d almost settled for a stretch twill (not what I wanted) or a color of brown that wasn’t QUITE right.

So I present to you my most favorite pants ever. The chino twill is the perfect weight for pants. It is buttery soft, yet still sturdy. It holds its shape and doesn’t get stretched out. I’ve now made 5 pairs of Persephone pants (its my most favorite pant silhouette at the moment) and this is for sure my favorite pair. That fabric, because it doesn’t stretch out a ton, really sucks in the tummy on such a high-waisted pant (which is the opposite if you use stretch twill with that pattern—I learned the hard way). I will be wearing these pants because they look good with every.single.thing.

And now look what I can do with my husband?!?! I can be his TWIN (Which he really loves)! In fact, he will sometimes secretly twin with me without me noticing until we get somewhere. 

I told him he needed to wear this matching outfit with me so that we could take some very serious and important blog photos in our cool pants. Yeah, we have fun together. 

Every since I mentioned this fantastic fabric find and what I planned to sew with it on Instagram, I’ve seen lots more sewing bloggers grab this fabric and sew up their own high-waisted pants in it. To think a pair of pants in my husband’s closet started all this makes me laugh a little:)

Tammy Lee