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Sewing is for Everyone and Every Body with Carol from Chatterstitch

Tammy Lee

Hello everyone, I’m Carol otherwise known as @chatterstitch on Instagram and blog https://chatterstitch.wordpress.com/. I firstly need to say, that I consider myself to be very lucky! For two reasons, dressmaking is in my genes, both my Mum and my Maternal Grandmother sewed. I also grew up in a time when being taught arts and crafts was the norm in English high schools. But, I gave up studying needlework (as it was then called) at age 13, as my high school couldn’t fit an art subjects into my timetable with the 3 sciences which is where I felt my future would lie! However, I carried on in my own time and sewed for my home and my family.

Fast forward to present times and my love for this subject has grown exponentially, in part due to the online community. What was my occasional and solitary pursuit is now shared on a daily basis with the entire world at the touch of a button. I truly love this and spend many a happy hour looking at inspiration and other people’s creations! I understand that this is driven in a large part by the millennials, but there are thousands of us out there who love to sew, just because we have a few grey hairs (or a lot in my case) we are not represented by pattern companies. Much in the same way that the high street want size zero models under a certain age!

I believe that there are thousands of grey sewists out there watching from the side-lines who would love to be represented by older models. That is why about 3 years ago I stopped colouring my hair. #greyhairdontcare Why should anyone out there value age and experience, if those of us with the age and experience keep pretending we are younger than we are? By perpetuating this myth, we are telling the world that age is not something to be celebrated. I must admit this year I am starting to see a change in this with some Instagram accounts promoting Over 50’s sewing such as @sewover50 #sewover50 But for me its more fundamental than this, I would absolutely love to see more pattern designers and companies using images of more mature models, when I see a pattern, I like I always think, can I carry that off?

Is it “too young” for me? That’s absolute rubbish of course its not!? But then I’m a bolshy over 50 who has worked in a male dominated science world for over 30 years. But even I feel insecure sometimes. I’d love to feel encouraged by pattern companies, not brushed aside as insignificant! That is why when Tammy offered the opportunity to make a pair of True Bias Lander pants in this amazing Slate grey twill, from D&H Fabrics I just had to try them out!

And I am officially in love!

Thanks so much to both Tammy and also Kelli from True Bias for this opportunity

So the answer is no, I don’t think I am not too old for Landers, do you??