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Sewing is for Everyone and Every Body with Nancy Ravindra

Tammy Lee

Hi y’ail!  I want to let you know that I am no blogger so I will just type away as me.  A bit about myself, I am Nancy. I had sewn when I was younger (in my teens and 20’s)….then I stopped sewing for a long while (about 20+ years). Fast forward to about a year and half ago, I stumbled across some Instagram posts by accident on fabrics and indie patterns. My curiosity got me the best of me. I decided to explore further and was surprised at how much sewing has changed the past 20+ years. I got excited by the vast information out there readily available via social media. That got me started to sew once again.  

One day I saw Tammy with D&H Fabrics’ post in Instagram about sewing community and inclusivity. Without really thinking and being impulsive at that moment, I told her that as a Deaf person, I did not feel included by the sewing community. With Instagram and Facebook, many sewing tutorials or sew a longs are readily available for anyone in the sewing community to learn, HOWEVER, without captions, they are no good. Where do I (and many other deaf or hard of hearing people) fit in and get the information readily just like others?  Over the past year and half when I asked for captions to be added, I was told it’d not be financially feasible or too time consuming to add captions as they are all ‘small business owners’, etc.  Most of the times, they offer no alternative solutions. They pretty much dropped the ball and leave it there. To be honest, I am not okay with that. Because of that constant experience, it has influenced me to be more mindful as to who to buy my patterns and fabrics from.

I want to give a shout out to Sewcialists in Instagram. I like their post last January asking who add captions to their instastories. I appreciate that they recognize that we exist.    With this in mind, I am asking the sewing community (yes, I am talking to you… the patternmakers, pattern designers, small or growing fabric companies, etc) to please be considerate and add captions. There are some apps available that are either free or do not cost that much. To name a few, they are Clips or Clipomatic.

Back to Tammy, she asked me to be part of her Sewing is for Every Body initiative. I was honored to be asked. Thank you, Tammy, for this opportunity to share my story as a Deaf sewist in the non-deaf sewing community and for gifting me the beautiful night blue French terry fabric for this Sewing is for Every Body initiative. Not really thinking it through, I decided to choose Fulton Sweater Blazer by Alina Designs Co. Ahhh, it has been one tedious sewing project. I am happy to say the outcome is worth it.   The Fulton Sweater Blazer is comfortable and I love the collar! And, the pockets!

How do you like the label (made by @kylieandthemachine) I got for myself?  Cool, eh? 


The pictures don’t do the fabric justice. They look much better in person.

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