Lets talk about Cupro baby

Hey, Hey sewing friends, 

Welcome to the new blog space.  For the first chat, lets talk about Cupro.  Have you ever sewn with it?  Is it a new fabric to you like it is to me?  

So what is Cupro?

Well, its actually a cotton fabric. It is a regenerated cellulose fiber just like modal and tencel.  Cupro resemble silk and therefore is a great substitute especially if you are looking for a sustainable and easier to care for alternative to silk.  The fiber itself is derived from cotton linter, which is the very fine, soft material that sticks to the cottonseeds and is left behind after the cotton has been ginned. Usually, these fibers are discarded, however, they are now recycled for the production of this surprisingly beautiful textile.

The hand of this fabric is much more luxurious than you would expect from the cotton plant- it drapes beautifully and feels similar to rayon or silk.

Cupro still retains many of the benefits of cotton

The fabric is breathable and regulates body temperature well. Additionally, this fabric can be washed and dried in the machine (unlike silk!), is anti-static, and resists stretching out at high temperatures. If sensitive skin is a concern, cupro is hypoallergenic as well.

If you are eco-conscious, than cupro is your girl.  It is vegan and made from a recycled part of the cotton plant. It also retains dye very well, meaning its dye process is much more streamlined in terms of waste.

So, still wondering about cupro?  We just started providing swatches of all fabrics for FREE.  So if you want to touch this silky eco friendly substitute for yourself, send us an email and we will send you a swatch.


Cupro in Bronze.  Also available in Powder Blue.

Cupro in Bronze. Also available in Powder Blue.

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