The Idea

Welcome to D&H Fabrics Co, my name is Tammy Lee! I am the founder of D&H.  My love for sewing started just one year ago, and grew into a passion for all things fabric. I started selling clothing items as I sewed them and during this process I was, and still am, always looking for that amazing fabric to bring my ideas and creations to life.  

D&H will strive to find those quality sustainable fabrics you imagine, but can never find.  To bring your dreams of that beautiful piece of clothing in the perfect color to life,  come join me on my love for fabric shopping (and who are we all kidding hoarding).  Happy Sewing, xoxo.

The Shop

In our online shop, we believe that you should have the best quality sustainable fabrics, you just won't be able to find in those big box stores. 

D&H only sources high quality fashion apparel fabrics with the modern DIY dressmaker and home sewer in mind.  Whether you are sewing for yourself or to sell to others, the quality of the fabrics will be something you can stand behind.  

The more fabric we can source that is compliant and sustainable the better.

Buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality over quantity: That is true sustainability.
— Vivienne Westwood